Never wait again for the specialist to arrive

The EXPERT TELEPORTATION solution makes it possible to instantaneously connect with the right specialist and quickly make the correct diagnosis. In this way problems can be resolved using the right tools! To put it simply, it’s like having your entire technical team available around the clock.

Connect your engineers with their teams

The engineer puts on the glasses and continues to work hands free, while the specialist remotely guides the engineer in real-time via an audio/video link. This lets the specialist see the situation as if they were actually present on-site.



Reduces call-out times

Guide the engineer’s hands remotely from a computer, tablet or smartphone, and communicate with your engineers long-distance as if you were really on-site. The benefits are threefold: saves time, reduces travel costs, lets you respond to more clients. You’ll even reduce your carbon footprint.


Customized equipment

We are the only systems integrator in the world providing smart-glasses. We don’t manufacture smart-glasses, we “retrofit” them and customize them to your technical needs, with over 40 different options to choose from. Laser pointer, flashlight for working at night, waterproof carrying case, attachment for use with a hard hat or firefighter helmet, attachment for use with eye glasses, upgrade of original battery life of 30mins to 7hr 45min of continuous usage, ATEX certification, etc. Everything has been considered for use in the field (SIMPLE and ROBUST) based on the feedback from over 2500 engineers who tested the solution.



High-speed internet access is not always available: along a railroad track, in the mountains and the countryside, inside a warehouse or building, in reception black spots, in developing countries, etc. Our specialists in connectivity and networking can offer you a solution for every situation.


Plug & Play Roll-out

Resistance to change is a barrier for 35% of businesses. For this reason, we support you through the implementation of this innovation with a dedicated project manager, weekly follow-ups, customer feedback as well as a responsive after sales service. 

A badly conceived project runs the risk of being shelved and abandoned. We have developed mobile applications which have gained several million users. We have drawn from all our expertise in user experience and integrated it into the heart of the EXPERT TELEPORTATION device. Our operations team preconfigure everything so that the engineer, who will be wearing glasses, only has to press one button to call for assistance and begin communication. Training time is less than one minute. It’s so simple that even engineers who don’t know how to use a smartphone are comfortable using our solution! 

As for the specialist, there is no need to install any software on a computer, tablet or phone. The solution works via a web browser. Additionally, the solution is highly secure, and has been subject to three independent audits. We have several solutions to allow your IT management to manage data flow themselves, with the systems integrator of their choice or one of our partners (Econocom, LGM, CGI).

We also provide you with an MDM, an online fleet management solution and automatic updates.  


For 35% of large companies, the primary setback is the lack of financial resources allocated to digital technology. We have implemented a leasing solution with a market leader to protect your cash flow, expense the costs without deprecation and generate a return on investment from the first month.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it secure?
  • The glasses use Wifi to connect to the internet. If you don’t have a Wifi connection nearby, we use 3G/4G dongles to connect the glasses to the internet..

Does this obstruct the user’s view?
No. There is essentially NO discomfort for the engineer whatsoever. The user usually forgets that they are wearing them. There are five adjustment pins.

Is it robust?
This solution functions as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It was conceived for use in an industrial setting without risk of shattering. 


I have a weak internet signal (warehouse, mountains, etc.)?
This is not a problem, we have designed a unique system which generates its own Wifi and functions in almost every situation. There is always a solution!

How does this connect?
The system requires an internet connection: using 3G from a smartphone, Wifi, Lifi, 3G/4G routers, Satellite, etc. We have also developed our own unique technology to guarantee connectivity.


Why choose your solution over Skype? Facetime?
The usability is completely focused on the smart-glasses, which were conceived with limited connectivity in mind. We display a quality image over connections where Skype would drop out.



But we want Google Glass!
It should be pointed out that Google Glass has NEVER been put on the market, they were prototypes. Apart from the odd second hand one or on the black market, THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Which is the best pair of glasses?For four years now, we are the first and only systems integrator worldwide to provide smart-glasses. We don’t manufacture them, rather we remodel them to meet your specific user requirements.

Will it work abroad?
Yes. Whether it’s 5 or 500 miles away it works equally well, so long as the internet connection is adequate. Teleportation has been successfully achieved in Korea, Brazil, Slovakia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Portugal, Scotland, Argentina, etc.

Why choose smart-glasses over a smartphone?
A smartphone doesn’t allow for hands-free operation. Smartglasses have the added advantage of showing the situation from the engineer’s point of view, and lets you see it as if you were there in person.

It looks rather heavy on the head!
Weighing only 180 grams (6.3oz), the connected part is actually very light! There is also a fastening strap so that the weight is supported through tension rather than on the nose. 

What prerequisites are needed to use the solution?
The specialist will require a computer (or Android tablet/cellphone) with Chrome installed, a microphone, an internet stream (authorized by your IT director, ideally 1.5 Mbs), as well as a dedicated project manager on your team.