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Our study of over 500 manufacturing companies!

The advantages of our solution

Communication between staff becomes easier

EXPERT TELEPORTATION is a remote video collaboration system. Our smart-glasses make it possible for someone in the field to collaborate with several other people at once, no matter where they are in the world.

The on-site engineer can continue working while keeping their hands free, while the specialists can guide the engineer remotely in real time, via an audio and video link. This lets the specialist see the situation as if they were present on-site themselves.

The productivity of your collaborators is increased exponentially

The specialists can substantially increase their productivity by using the real time visual communication provided by our smart-glasses. The glasses allow staff to understand the problems better and react quickly. It’s simple and efficient. Our solution makes it possible to eliminate time spent in transit, and respond to problems in real time. No more lost time.

You remain in control

Though your engineers work independently, there are times when they need expert assistance, and using our glasses will be a great help. They can use the glasses whenever they need to. We conceived the glasses to be just like any other tool. They are simple to use (a single button to start/end a conversation), practical and light. The average usage time is 15 minutes. No sooner said than done. 

You will speed up training times and communication of expertise

People have short memories, and after 6 months your engineers may have forgotten nearly everything they’ve learned. With these glasses, the specialist is able to inspect how the training is actually being applied in the field, without having to leave the office. This makes it possible to answer any queries, get a second opinion quickly, and to get help when something is unknown. Your young engineers can go out into the field much sooner than previously possible, as they receive assistance and training in real time.

We assist you

Adopting new technology can sometimes be a complicated affair, so we are here to help you through the process. Your company will have a dedicated project manager, who is contactable at all times and who will produce a weekly assessment. We are there to assist you, to understand your business and make the right decisions.

Solutions for every need

Before deployment, we meet with you to establish your needs and to provide you with a tailor-made solution. We are able to customize every part of the package, which includes the equipment and our “Super Streaming” software. Every client has unique needs, and every pair of our glasses uniquely matches them.

You can respond to situations in places which were previously inaccessible. 

Places which used to be unreachable and difficult are now close-at-hand. Oil rigs, nuclear power plants, and also distant or unsafe countries, are now easily accessible.


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